Cow to Coffee

White House Farm

The Brief

Carbon footprints and conscious coffee

Sectors: Campaigns | Promotional
Services: Film

An Overview

White House Farm wanted a video production company to create a fun narrative film that drummed up support for shopping local, and highlighted the minimal food miles (and carbon footprint) of their coffee shop’s products. They gave us the working title “Cow to Coffee”.

An Overview

Engaging customers and increasing footfall post pandemic

Cow to Coffee was a campaign the team were happy to get behind. In the wake of covid, local businesses were hit hard, with far lower footfall and a need to give persuasive reasons to stop by. 

The meantime film team worked hard to create an awesomely unique and quirky film to a low budget, that was viewed extensively on social media, as well as local cinemas.  

meantime video production company - cow image

Research & Strategy

Showcasing Real Stories, Sparking Reflection on Rising Food Bank Demands

This film posed a number of challenges that the meantime team relished. To keep budgets low, we needed to rely on practical effects; so the team created a portable zip wire and milk bottle caddy. This contraption was adaptable and able to attach to trees, cars and c-stands. Working with animals proved less of a challenge than originally thought, as the cows seemed naturally very interested in the bottle flying by. 

The Outcome

Practical effects, local residents, fresh milk and sustainably sourced coffee

The outcome was an incredible and unique cinema-quality film, which caught the hearts and minds of White House Farm’s target audience. The film takes us on a milky journey starting at Norton’s Dairy, and follows the 6-mile quest through woodlands, rivers, people’s gardens, past local residents and phone boxes, finishing with the first delicious sip of a coffee made with that milk.

meantime video production company - cow to coffee

The Impact

It was great to be the chosen video production company behind this video. The film featured in the Eastern Daily Press, after they caught wind of its success. It was also shown in local cinemas for two months, and generated more online traffic and conversation than any previous post.