The Stuff of Legends


The Brief

Partnering with Adnams, for their “The Stuff Of Legends” Summer Campaign.

Sectors: Product | Campaigns | Marketing
Services: Film | Design

Working collaboratively to produce a short brand film for Adnams‘ Ghost Ship Pale Ale Summer campaign promotion. Filming in 20mph winds and chasing the setting sun on Southwold Beach, this was a Legendary Film to be a part of!

An Overview

Creative collaborators brought together
by a legendary ale

Collaboration is key with productions like this and we were lucky to work alongside Borne™ to bring the story of friends and misfortune to life. The brief was provided via Borne while Meantime adapted the concept in a suitable creative style.

Meantime took all responsibility for the one scheduled shoot day, including producing, coordination and capture. Post-production was also handled by Meantime, finalising the brand film with Borne™.

Actors Laughing taken from Adnams' Brand Film
End Slate with Bottles from Adnams Brand Film Summer Campaign

Research & Strategy

Capturing Southwold beach in the Golden Hour

Filming in Golden Hour requires a lot of planning to know the sun’s positioning throughout the day, so numerous location scouts around Southwold were held in lead up to shooting for a greater understanding of where the team can set up camp, film and deal with other logistics.

To maximise the social content and its reach the film needed consideration for both landscape and portrait filming. This requires tight storyboarding and animatics to lock in what the final product will look like. This would allow the production team to strategically plan various setups with minimal changes to gear placement.


A creative collaboration with a successful outcome

Through tight schedules, expert planning and good weather, our collaboration captured the atmosphere of Southwold in the summer, showcasing Adnams products through relatable memories and moments.