The Trussell Trust

The Brief

Shedding light on the cost of living crisis and the added challenges winter brings

Sectors: Charity | Campaigns
Services: Film | Design | Animation

An Overview

The Trussell Trust works with with communities, churches, and partners to establish and maintain food banks throughout the UK. These banks collect non-perishable food donations, distributing them to those in need. Beyond emergency food aid,
the trust strives to address poverty’s root causes and advocates for policies targeting issues like low income and unemployment.

Meantime were appointed to this charity film production to shed light on the looming cost of living crisis and the added challenges winter brings for many individuals.

The Outcome

With a Focus on a family of four in different situations


  • Hero Film
  • Cut Downs for Social
  • Design Treatment
  • Static graphics
  • Animated graphics

Dinner Table Dilemma: The youngest child’s plate teeters on the edge, stressing the family. When it disappears, the husband shares his meal with his wife, who passes hers to their daughter.

Breakfast Sacrifice: The older daughter sacrifices her breakfast for essential supplies as her mother’s cereal diminishes.

These scenes in this charity film production build up to the family’s worried realisation that this Christmas won’t be the joyful occasion they once knew, symbolised by a shaking Christmas tree.

Still from meantimes charity film production for Trussell Trust
Still of crew from meantimes charity film production for Trussell Trust

Research & Strategy

Showcasing Real Stories, Sparking Reflection on Rising Food Bank Demands

To grasp Trussell Trust’s mission, our team delved into
their work—analysing data and hunger statistics in the UK, and engaging in ongoing discussions with the TT team. 
This made our project a true collaboration between Meantime and Trussell Trust.

As food bank demand rises, our strategy tells real-life family stories with a touch of humor and fantasy. A moving soundtrack crescendoes with the film, and a deliberate cut-off, paired with a powerful title, prompts reflection on tough decisions. This charity film production merges our efforts with Trussell Trust’s mission to address growing food bank needs.


Visual direction & Content for The Trussell Trust’s Winter Appeal Campaign

Crafting the design identity for the campaign’s surrounding content. We created a suite of elements including engaging social media posts, animated and static frames. Informed by TT’s brand, we integrated hand-drawn elements and a vibrant complementary colour palette for impactful sharing across platforms.