The Trussell Trust

The Brief

The Trussell Trust’s Commitment to Community Support, Captured in Deborah’s Story

Sectors: Charity | Community | Non Profit
Services: Art Direction | Illustration | Design | Animation | Audio

An Overview

The Trussell Trust supports a nationwide network of food banks working together to provide emergency food and support to people locked in poverty.

As their animation production company, Meantime was asked to create an animation centred around Deborah – a mother of five and full-time carer receiving assistance from a Trussell Trust food bank. The aim was to highlight the daily struggles she encounters and provide some hope for people.

An Overview

With a Focus on a family of four in different situations


  • Hero Film
  • Cut Downs for Social
  • Design Treatment
  • Static graphics
  • Animated graphics

The Trussell Trust works with communities, churches, and partners to establish and maintain food banks throughout the UK. These banks collect non-perishable food donations, distributing them to those in need. Beyond emergency food aid, the trust strives to address poverty’s root causes and advocates for policies targeting issues like low income and unemployment.

As the charity’s trusted animation production company, we focussed on telling Deborah’s story as authentically as possible. With the aim to shine a light on the people that need support from food banks and also encourage people to donate or get help if they need.

Animation production company still - Trussell Trust
Animation production company illustration - Trussell Trust
Animation production company image - Trussell Trust

Research & Strategy

Showcasing Real Stories, Sparking Reflection on Rising Food Bank Demands

The Trussell Trust team played a huge part in this project, providing key information and advice throughout. Discussions and input from the lived experience partner was crucial in order to capture her personal experiences and accurately represent her and her family.

With this in mind, our creative lead outlined the visual direction, animation and music style in a treatment right at the start of the project, paving the way for a super smooth process and quick process.

Campaign Deliverables

This film needed to work across social and be an evergreen piece. With this in mind, we created a suite of versions including cut downs, multiple aspect ratios, call to actions and captions. Resulting in approx. 25 different exports for Trussell Trust to work with.

The Outcome

Through storybook-like illustrations full of texture, subtle animation and true to life sound we capture Deborah’s personal experiences and foster empathy among viewers, while encouraging them to act. The animation is concise yet powerful, and not only conveys Deborah’s struggles but also her hope for a brighter future.