The Story of Anna Sewell


The Brief

Shining light on the life
of a literary icon and her
novel that changed the world

Sectors: Charity | Campaigns
Services: Animation | Social Campaign

An Overview

With the release of the new Redwings edition of ‘Black Beauty’ on the horizon, Redwings Horse Sanctuary wanted Meantime to create a charity animation, telling the life of its author, Anna Sewell.

Redwings wanted an emotional story of Anna’s tumultuous life from conception to end, with a visual style to match.

The Outcome

With expressive textures
and a touching tone, an animated tribute to one of history’s most successful authors

We collaborated with Redwings to craft Anna’s life story in a powerful charity animation. Using tangible textures, abstract illustrations, and a storybook-like approach, we brought Anna’s journey to life. With Thomas from UEA and Nicola from Redwings lending their expertise, we created an emotive portrayal of Anna’s impact and legacy.

Fire Cart illustration from Redwings Charity Animation
London horse and cart illustration from Redwings Charity Animation

Research & Strategy

Exploring Anna’s childhood home and 19th century Norfolk

Crafting Anna’s story accurately was crucial, and we were fortunate to explore her childhood home and the Redwings museum. Working closely with literary professor Thomas Ruys Smith from the University of East Anglia, we shaped our process, script, and character designs based on these experiences.

The Impact

Shedding light on Anna’s life, fostering donations, and earning award nods

Redwings premiered the animation at a special event, coinciding with the launch of the new edition of ‘Black Beauty’. The event inspired audiences to donate, share Anna’s message, and honor the story of one of the world’s most renowned horses. This momentum led to its nomination at the Smiley Film Awards.