How To Use A Peequal


The Brief

Squat & Go! Creating a playful explainer animation
for an innovative Womxn’s urinal.

Sectors: Start-Ups | Campaigns
Services: Animation | Illustration

An Overview

PEEQUAL is the UK’s first squat-and-go womxn’s urinal, ready to spark cultural change for womxn. Meantime we’re appointed to create a fun, compelling and very unserious animated guide on how to use a PEEQUAL.

An Overview

Self aware, silly and innovative


  • Hero Explainer Animation
  • Cut Downs for Social
  • Social Assets
  • Static Illustrations

Self-aware, silly and innovative, these are our three key takeaways from our meetings with PEEQUAL’s founders Hazel & Amber. Our brief was to take their ethos. and create a fun, loud and informative animation, showcasing a step-by-step of how users (primarily festival goers) should use the PEEQUAL.

Character design from Explainer animation
Branded Content for peequal's Explainer animation
Static phone image from Explainer animation

Research & Strategy

Illustrating the ever-familiar tale of a never-ending toilet queue.

Our first moves were storyboarding and how we included the key step-by-step processes PEEQUAL outlined for us. After making sure the ‘How to’ section was finalised, we moved on to the narrative. Creating a fun, relatable story focusing on PEEQUALs key demographic (festival goers). Characters were at the forefront of this animation, so we designed a variety of naively illustrated, colourful womxn to be featured throughout.

Branded Content supporting Peequals Explainer animation

The Outcome

Highlighting an outdoor event essential, and how to use it!

We delivered a bright, character-led animation. Both informative and silly. Educating the audience on what a PEEQUAL is, who’s using it, how to use it, and how to reach them. Embracing the silliness, the awkwardness and most importantly the necessity for their product.