Carbon Negative Concrete


The Brief

An animation promoting Partanna’s groundbreaking carbon negative concrete

Sectors: Construction | Environment
Services: Art Direction | Animation | Illustration

One of Woodrow Communications’ clients – Partanna – a sustainable building material company (backed by Rick Fox, the ex-NBA basketball player), requested a ‘making of’ animation of their product.

Did you know that 28% of global emissions come from construction alone? Partanna are revolutionising the construction industry with the world’s first building material that avoids carbon emissions. Through creative use of photographic collage and motion graphics, we helped develop an animation that tells their story.

An Overview

28% of global emissions are from construction


  • Hero Film
  • Cut Downs for Social
  • Social Assets
  • Static Illustrations

At Meantime we always love the chance to work on a project with a positive impact. That’s just the opportunity we got when Woodrow reached out to help with an upcoming animation for their client Partanna; who have constructed a groundbreaking building material that, unlike others, entirely avoids carbon emissions while also removing carbon from the atmosphere. Our aim was to seamlessly blend with their own branding with a style that felt tactile, utilising their own photography to create a collage-led motion graphics style. Bouncing between gritty urban style and a contrasting clean direction helped tell the story of how their building material works drastically differently to others.

Research & Strategy

Inspired by architecture, collage and Partanna’s minimal brand

With such a scientifically led production, research was a key area when developing both the visuals and the script to ensure we accurately depicted the amazing work Partanna was doing. To kick off, our initial meeting with them gave us a brilliant opportunity to gather as much information about what they wanted from this animation as possible, as well as giving us a solid understanding of what Partanna does, and how they’re different from others in the construction industry. After this we were able to develop a strong script as our foundation to work from. As this was such a scientifically led project, we required additional input throughout the process before establishing our final edit of the script.

Partanna Still Image from Motion Graphics
Tower Block from Motion Graphics Production
Motion Graphics production in action at meantime studio

Our Approach

Drawing inspiration from Partanna’s brand, we used crisp lines, sharp geometric shapes and colourful gradients combined with striking photography to craft a sophisticated collage styled animation that’s one-of-a-kind. By featuring a striking contrast between nature and architectural elements, we incorporated a personal, tangible feel for the brand while staying true to Partanna’s minimal identity.

The Outcome

An informative animation, simplifying complex issues

The outcome was a creative and informative animation that helped explain the issues of the current construction process, what makes Partanna different, and how their product can help shape a better future for everyone.