Interactive Wall Projection


The Brief

Combining bold graphic design and animated projections seamlessly across three 4-meter panels, each telling a unique story of innovation

Sectors: Tech | AI Machine learning | Banking
Services: Art Direction | Design | Illustration | Animation | Audio

An Overview

Meantime were asked to deliver a large-scale interactive wall installation for an A.I. Technologies conference, comprising three 4-meter panels, each narrating a distinct story.

Kicking off with creating a treatment, we designed the wall layouts, created the graphics for printing, and animated multiple sequences to project onto the static designs on the wall.

A Deeper Dive

A little more about the process…


  • 3 x 4-Metre Wall panel Designs
  • Illustrations for Print
  • Animated Digital Graphics

This project needed close collaboration between our graphic design and animation teams due to its complexity. With a tight deadline, our first focus was perfecting our treatment.

Once we had our direction set, our team created multiple interweaving illustrations to tell the stories. The animation team had the challenge of ensuring that animated elements aligned perfectly with the printed graphics.

Graphic design for dataiku
Graphic design image 2 for dataiku
Graphic design image 3 for dataiku

Research & Strategy

Showcasing Real Stories, Sparking Reflection on Rising Food Bank Demands

Because of time constraints and the project’s complexity, it was vital to collaborate closely with the client. We gathered information about conference attendees, the client’s preferences, and their goals for the wall installation. We also took into account the size of the project and the positioning of elements to ensure easy access for users interacting with the wall. Considering the busy conference environment, we made sure that sound wouldn’t be distracting while still being audible and adding depth to the stories.

The Outcome

By seamlessly blending bold graphics, animations, and sound we were able to deliver a large-scale interactive wall installation. Close collaboration and careful planning ensured this project would be a success and something we’d love to take on again.