Premier Cup Tournament


The Brief

Create an stylish and energetic film to promote Nike’s Premier Cup

Sectors: Sports | Event
Services: Film | Art Direction | Animation | Editing

An Overview

Meantime + Nike = A Dream Team. We were asked to blend our film, design and animation prowess to create a punchy promo to celebrate women’s football at the Nike Premier Cup.

The tournament features the best under-18 squads from 6 professional female leagues, and is hosted at England’s training centre at St George’s Park.

How We Did it

Showing a completely authentic side


  • Promo Video
  • Cut Downs for Social
  • Animated Graphics

Firstly we discussed art direction and the filming style for this promo video. Our main points of reference were music videos that used lively handheld camera movements and speed ramping. Director Jessie, opted for a fast, creative and energetic edit, so specific dynamic transitions and techniques were implemented with the crew before filming.

To promote authenticity, the teams were given cameras and generate UGC throughout the tournament. The clips had a really strong personality and showed a completely authentic side of the event, which fit together perfectly with our quick & informal filming style.

This was an edit-heavy project which went through several internal iterations until the team were happy. The hand drawn animations were developed organically alongside the edit, adding to the quick pace and lively style. We used a mixture of drone and steady footage to provide context of the event, and used faster cuts and photographs to heighten the energy and reflect the atmosphere of competition.

Research & Strategy

Pushing the boundaries of an iconic brand

It was a pleasure to work with Nike, a company that notoriously delivers some of the most exciting and artistic videos in the industry. We experimented, and pushed the boundaries of Nike’s iconic brand, going beyond standard documentation, ensuring viewers are excited about the tournament.

The Outcome

A high energy, creative, captivating film

The end result is a high-energy video that uses photo collage, hand drawn animation and quick cuts to show off how fun and engaging the Premiere Cup was. The film’s director, Jessie, was given total freedom to explore artistic choices, work with the meantime design team, and create a film that surpassed expectation.