Be Endless


The brief

Crafting a vibrant and authentic TikTok advert for Voxi, focusing on the message of endless social media access

Sectors: Technology | Campaigns
Services: Film | Hand-Drawn Animation

An overview

Voxi is a mobile network provider offering mobile plans specifically tailored for young adults, with features such as unlimited social media usage. Voxi wanted to build upon their ‘Be Endless’ video campaign and expand to exclusively focus on TikTok users, aiming to promote their mobile offering of unlimited social media for young adults.

We immersed ourselves into the role of influencers, crafting a fun TikTok advert for Voxi, focusing on the message of endless social media access. Through collaborative efforts with a renowned TikTok influencer and innovative videography techniques, we successfully conveyed Voxi’s message, garnering over 35.5 million views on TikTok.

Our Approach

Creators needn’t worry about data limits with Voxi

Working alongside Hogarth on creative, we decided to bring a renowned TikTok influencer on board. Our idea was to show that creators needn’t worry about running out of data when watching or making social media content as Voxi has them covered. Authenticity was key to ensuring that the output was relatable to the audience. This involved a couple of days of “research” as we scrolled ourselves through a TikTok vortex to learn from the target audience themselves.

UGC was an aspect that we wanted to focus on heavily to help shape the performance – instilling the message that the power is at the creator’s fingertips and they know it, working with them to bring about a fun and confident performance that is less reactive to the surrounding change but knowingly in control of it. By using this type of direction, our aim was to empower the creator as the one who’s pulling the strings – this is their video!

Image from Voxi Video Production
image 2 from voxi Video Production

Research & Strategy

Collaborating closely with Sherice Banton, who was our star TikTok influencer. The video campaign had to feel homemade and genuine, and so we shot at Sherice’s family home and worked closely with Tiffany Rine, a brilliant stylist, to create some make-shift sets which reflected the action, costume and mood.

The way we shot and edited this video production was crucial. So after working on a lot of early experiments, we decided to use a 90-degree plate to flip our camera, ensuring Sherice was center stage. Attention to detail in her gestures made sure transitions were smooth, yet quick for our 15-second TikTok limit.


Hand-Drawn animation to bring Sherice’s illustrated persona to life

We incorporated elements of 2D animation to bring the influencer’s illustrated persona to life.

We mirrored Sherice’s energy and signature curls in our animation adding a whole extra dimension of production value to the end output.

The Outcome

Over 35.5 Million views on TikTok

TikTok is a format that we haven’t worked exclusively with before and this process gave us a real chance to learn more about what makes the platform so appealing to young creators.

The video production has been a resounding success and has amassed over 35.5 Million views on TikTok.