Mental Health Week

Norwich City Football Club

The brief

An animation to help anxious football fans and highlight mental health services

Sectors: Charity | Campaigns
Services: Animation | Sound

An overview

Norwich City Football Club has collaborated with the Wellbeing Service, using their resources to help people suffering with anxiety and other mental health issues. Meantime were asked to provide our animation services to highlight the resources and services the Wellbeing Service can provide to football fans, and showcase a quick, effective exercise to help viewers suffering with anxiety.

Research & Strategy

A short exercise to help elevate your anxiety

Anxiety affects everyone in various ways. Our strategy was to create something that felt calming, and peaceful but also incorporated NCFC’s signature yellow and green.

We were heavily inspired by The Wellbeing service’s exercise and the visual cues mentioned throughout, pairing tangible, everyday things into abstract minimal line drawings inspired by the flowing lines of common health and wellbeing visuals.

Illustrations from NCFCs Wellbeing film. Illustration and Animation services by Meantime Studio
Further Illustrations from NCFCs animation. Animation services by Meantime Studio

The Outcome

A captivating animation that highlights mental health services & benefits anxious fans.

Meantime provided illustration and animation services to create captivating short video filled with tranquil gradients, calming sound effects, and soothing melodies. Led by Conner Perry, the team combined these elements and the iconic Norwich City Branding with a minimalist illustration style packed with charisma. Complemented by Mark’s soothing voiceover, a calming soundtrack and flourishes of sound effects, the outcome is engaging, visually appealing, and directly on message.