Ready To Change


The Brief

A series of animations to help promote Norfolk County Council’s new self-help program, “Ready to Change”

Sectors: Council | Campaigns
Services: Animation | Illustration | Design

It’s easy to tell yourself to start making those lifestyle changes for a new and healthier you, but sometimes you just need that extra little push to help you make that first step. That’s exactly what we set out to do when Norfolk County Council reached out to us to help create a suit of animations for their new ‘Ready to Change’ campaign!

How We Did It

A bold visual language for an important creative campaign


  • Four Films
  • Cut Downs for Social
  • Animated graphics

After exploring NCC’s Ready to Change initiative, we created a visual direction that carried both the important message of each topic and also built a strong visual language for the whole suite of animations across the campaign. The style is slightly playful and dynamic, yet clean and minimal enough to avoid deterring from the core issues. This direction allowed us to create something truly eye catching and visually exciting whilst staying true to its messaging.

Research & Strategy

Changing behaviours, one animation at a time

The main goal was to attract people to their new website where individuals are able to learn more about making positive changes to their own lives through diet, exercise, quitting smoking and drinking less alcohol. This creative campaign would be used across social media platforms to help bring attention to Norfolk County Council’s new program. 

To do this, we created a hybrid collage visual style that worked closely with their established bright colourful shapes and photography on their website. We used a combination of photography and snippets of filmed footage to create stylised, black and white collage imagery. Each image was cut out and edited with grain and halftone textures to create exciting relationships with the bright and colourful shapes.

The casual tone-of-voice carried throughout the animations helped create a relatable aspect to the narrative for a wider audience.

Test Footage

The Outcome

Effective social content, helping people make simple healthy changes

We developed a full series of 4 different animations to promote their new program, all covering a different topic; Weight loss, physical activity, quitting smoking, and drinking less alcohol. These were then shared across multiple social media platforms to help drive attention to their new website.