Covid Awareness

NCC | Borne

The Brief

Raising awareness of the importance of social distancing and washing hands at the peak of Covid.

Sectors: Council | Health | Campaigns
Services: Animation | Design | Illustration

Meantime’s Norwich animation studio worked collaboratively to create a coronavirus awareness campaign for Norfolk County Council. Working alongside Borne™ and freelance illustrator Stephen Ong, we created a series of textured, bold and engaging short animations, urging Norfolk’s youth to take precautions.

An Overview

Infectious teens, hand-drawn animation and a whole lot of pink

Young people were quickly identified as a group of people to have mild COVID-19 symptoms if infected. They worryingly carried the risk of infecting people without knowing. It was key to show how easily COVID-19 can spread. Jumping off of Josh’s (borne) concept and collaborating with illustrator and Animator Stephen Ong we created a loose, hand-drawn animation, using a striking pink to highlight the infectious bacteria and sketchbook-inspired textured black and whites for our cast of characters and environments.

Illustration taken from NCC Covid, by Norwich Animation Studio Meantime
Image taken from NCC Covid, by Norwich Animation Studio Meantime

Research & Strategy

Striking visuals for a young audience

This project was targeted towards getting the ‘prevent’ message of washing hands and staying socially distanced out to a younger audience, especially at the height of summer, when lockdown restrictions were being eased. With our Norwich Animation Studio working alongside a brilliant concept from a creative agency borne, and illustrator Stephen Ong, we developed a striking visual style inspired by sketchbooks, animated TV series and our key audience, teens.

The Outcome

A successful social campaign during trying times

The final result was 2 character led animations combined with hand drawn elements throughout, primarily for use on social media platforms to reach young people and raise awareness for washing hands and staying socially distant during times when Covid was at the forefront of everyone’s mind.