Live Smarter, Sleep Better

The Brief

Tackling the bad sleeping habits of students and young people

Sectors: Campaigns
Services: Film | Design | Animation

An Overview

NCC asked Meantime Studio to create a full campaign targeting students and young people, highlighting everyday things that can affect our sleeping habits and how to tackle them.

We created a branded campaign, focusing on 5 short form ‘social first’ videos and combining these with a playful identity and animated graphics.

The Outcome

An effective social campaign, boosting sleep and productivity amongst young people


  • 5 Films
  • Campaign Branding
  • Animated graphics

Meantime delivered a successful social campaign, combining all three of our key disciplines into an engaging series of videos. Targeting TikTok users, our videos generated a successful view count and an impressive (9.5% and rising) click-through rate, intriguing its target audience and enticing them to find out more about the campaign.

The Process

Playful graphics, hand crafted textures and bold typography

We pitched a playful campaign, drawing from ’90s/00’s teen movie ‘freeze frames’, magazine collages and short-form social content. We then tested the concept in a ‘youth workshop’, working alongside young people, to help inform the concept, environments and clothing, and ensure the videos are authentic and related to the target demographic.

Campaign Content

A true collaboration of film, design & animation

Our design team, crafted a collage-inspired identity for the campaign, using hand-crafted textures, hand-written text and playful typography, allowing each video its own identity while still maintaining cohesion throughout.