NHS Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust


The Brief

An honest and compelling Mental Health Nursing recruitment film

Sectors: Public | Campaigns
Services: Film

NHS England contacted Meantime Norwich Video Production team to research, concept and create an honest and compelling film for Mental Health Nursing in the East of England. The film’s aim was to recruit more candidates; sparking interest and conversation.

With a small, agile team committed to the project, we worked hand in hand with the NHS to understand real experiences of staff,  the project sensitivities, and worked hard to create a film that the NHS would be proud of.

An Overview

Joining the Mental Health team at Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust offers a transformative experience for individuals and those they serve. The teams, driven by deep passion, serve in a community characterised by warmth, honesty, and industriousness, providing consistent essential care. With this information, our Norwich video production team needed to create a recruitment film to spark interest and conversation with potential candidates.

Research & Strategy

Gaining insight into the life of a mental health nurse

Thoroughly researching this project was essential. Director Joe Murray and Producer Adam Turner spent days with the NSFT team, gaining insights into their roles, listening to stories, and touring facilities.

Careful consideration was given to sharing real-life stories and portraying the daily efforts of mental health nurses accurately. Extensive research was conducted to gain insight into the lives of nurses, practitioners, and service workers.

Once storyboarded the film was casted. Priscilla, our lead role and NSFT modern matron, effortlessly played the part of newly recruited Mental Health Nurse, and Paul superbly shaped the character of a believable service user. In addition, it was so moving to see the bond these two shared on and off set. They worked harmoniously and shared a relationship on camera that gave the film a heart-warming feel.  We shot the film across three days in Ipswich, Norwich and Great Yarmouth; with most scenes filmed at Ipswich and Hellesdon Hospitals.

The Outcome

Personal development through Mental Health services

The film focuses on the bonds between nurses and service users, depicting the experience of coping with triggers and personal development through Mental Health services. Various camera techniques, including close-ups with a jolty style of movement, were employed to convey states of stress and engage the audience in the sensitive topic. The film was incredibly well received at the NSFT, who have since gone on to work on further projects with the team!