Meantime Studio

The Brief

Reflecting who we are with a fresh brand direction

Sectors: Creative | Marketing
Services: Branding | Design | Identity | Animation

Our Approach

Meantime Studio – A rebrand to reflect who we are as an ever-evolving creative company. Striking a balance between the fun and the polished, we wanted to create a unified brand that’s flexible and allows our work to shine!

We’ve crafted a flat, simple logomark resembling the letter ‘M’ of Meantime in a bold, highlighter yellow. We said goodbye to the intricate details and warm tones of our old logo. With its sheared design, our new icon is chunky, dynamic and full of motion. Plus, it’s completely symmetrical and scalable.

Brand System

We’ve built an identity that seamlessly links every aspect of our brand. Inspired by the harmony between the raw and the refined, this identity flows through each element, from the bouncy curves of our logomark and illustrations, to our punchy flash-photography, font and motion principles.


We chose DM Sans as Meantime’s primary typeface – used for our wordmark, it’s rounded, geometric and clean. To mirror our approach, we’ve shaked things up by using italics to call out keywords.

mobile view of meantime brand design


Making space to be creative while having consistency across the board

Our new brand design better supports our digital presence. We’ve developed a full range of brand assets, social media templates and motion toolkits. Making room to play while keeping things consistent across our website and social media. We use the “m” shape as a mechanic for masking, creating patterns, graphic dividers and more. Additionally, we’ve incorporated the fluid movement of our logomark into our brand arrows, which have been animated for social.

The Outcome

Through a simplified logomark, a bold core colour and a flexible design system, this rebrand makes room to have  fun and be creative while maintaining consistency and reflecting us better as a creative studio.

instagram mock up for meantime brand design