Definitely Decathlon


We had the pleasure of working with Decathlon on their ‘Definitely Decathlon’ TV advert campaign. Working alongside Vital Marketing and Goodstuff Communications for the sports brand, we produced a set of three videos featuring Decathlon’s products; 4 person tent, paddle board and mountain bike.

Working to Decathlon’s brief we first scouted locations. With time constraints in mind, we needed to find a private property with woodland, camping areas, and a stretch of river. After a lot of searching we landed on the perfect property in Horstead, Norfolk. Next was casting, which was carried out at breakneck speed with the help of a local casting agency. The crew planned to be on-set for 3 days, with the shoot happening over two of those days. Following Vital’s pre-existing storyboards, our director and producer ensured we were well prepared to capture everything needed.

Each TV advert followed the same structure, sharing a warm and family-friendly style, with sprinkles of relatability. For instance, the young female character was notably taking selfies throughout the stay. This followed with the parents giving the eye roll. The films were embellished in post production with end graphics, created by our animation team. We can’t thank our host and cast members enough for being so adaptable and amazing throughout. Also, Vital Marketing were a great company to collaborate with and create something Decathlon can proudly represent their products.

BTS from Decathlon's TV Advert 2
BTS from Decathlon's TV Advert