Castle Projection

Norwich BID

This project was like a playground for our creativity!

Norwich BID wanted something exciting to celebrate Norwich City opening up again after Covid! So This project was like a playground for our creativity! We had the freedom to turn our fun ideas into reality, thanks to the Norwich BID team’s trust and support. From hanging silk flowers to setting up dinosaur-themed food trails, it was great working on such a fun project at Meantime.

Before we dove in, we had to consider some key factors. Our animation had to tell a story without sound, be visible on a grand scale projected onto the castle, and avoid tiny details that might get lost in the mix. After some brainstorming sessions with the Norwich BID team, we came up with a plan. We decided to go for flat illustrations with loads of texture, vibrant colours, and big, bold shapes. The goal? To create a mesmerising, kaleidoscopic experience that would wow anyone who saw it and celebrate the reopening of Norwich City.

Every scene was carefully crafted, from Eaton Park’s famous diplodocus to scenes capturing the vibrant essence of the city. And you know what? We were proud of what we accomplished! It was one of those projects where you just couldn’t help but feel excited to be a part of it. A big shout out to the Meantime team for making it happen!