Norfolk Recycles

Norfolk County Council

We had fun working with NCC to make a series of videos about recycling

Norfolk County Council approached us to create a fresh web series, aiming to break away from typical government-style videos. The brief was clear: be creative, engaging, and light-hearted. We wanted to ditch the boring robotic voiceovers and instead bring a burst of color and kitsch to Norwich. So, we crafted a concept that aligned with the council’s branding but added our own vibrant twist.

On set, we rope in our friend Hamish to star in the lead role, clad in colorful gimp suits that blended with the backdrops. It was a daunting task for him, navigating with limited visibility and enduring the sweltering heat. Yet, he powered through, and we’re immensely grateful for his dedication.

“Make a series of films that don’t look like council films.”

– Norfolk County Council

Behind the Scenes

The team went all out, with Liam tirelessly painting and Joe improvising as a makeshift conveyor belt. We dived headfirst into every aspect of this production – and we think it paid off!