Alwin Ediagbonya

Alwin shares his top creative inspiration; from fresh talent and events to exciting brand campaigns.

It’s time to put Alwin’s creative mind under the microscope! Alwin is a talented senior animator, a linchpin of many creative projects, as well as an all-round top lad. Having led some incredible projects here at meantime, we’re excited to share what fuels his creativity. Here are Alwin’s top 5 sources of inspiration:

21 May 2024

1. Prathik Poojary

I’ve been loving the output from Prathik Poojary. With a clear dedication to the craft, he constantly challenges himself to iterate on ideas and take on new mediums. It’s very inspiring to see someone improve as steadily and quickly as that.

2. The Video Shop/Adam Bennet

I’ve recently been diving into the work and tutorials of ‘The Video Shop’, run by Adam Bennet. He has great knowledge of the industry and it’s neat to get another perspective from a UK based animator.

“It’s very inspiring to see someone improve as steadily and quickly as that.”

Alwin Ediagbonya
Apple Event 2024

3. Apple Event

I’ve been tuning into Apple’s May iPad event. From their announcement, it was clear that this update was going to focus on creativity and their little teaser animation catered to a range of creative practices really well! From a hand holding a pencil swerving in with onion skins for us animators, to anchor points dictating the curves of an ornate version of the logo for the designers. Clearly attention was paid to get in as many representations.

4. Lana Simanenkova

Just wanted to give a quick little shoutout to some of the work Lana Simanenkova has recently shared as part of formplaystudio’s Title sequence. A real fun use of colour and reflection of creative curiosity. You can tell that the limited colour palette was put to amazing use here!

Formplay Playground Animation Still
Lana Simanenkova

5. Procedural Animation

Over the last year, I’ve become more enamored with procedural animation and how it can create some exciting variation in our projects. I can be a bit of a control freak when it comes to placing my keyframes so it’s sometimes difficult to relent. When looking at pages like Generative Hut and Cavalry it became apparent that it is more like setting rules for how we’re playing in the sandbox, rather than placing every individual grain of sand. It can make for some fantastic results and leaves more flexibility when working with a client.

Generative Hut
Generative Hut